XISA knows English

Well, this time we greet you in English and are happy to have you on board when XISA is launching its English page. We have been working on that version quite a while and are proud to finally show it to the public. You might still find some minor mistakes here and there and we would apprecciate you letting us know them. We fix that.

Beeing able to use XISA in English doesn’t only mean a new language for you to click on. It means more possibilities to find even better projects according to your qualifications. Our next step is to convince IT companies throughout Europe to register at XISA to provide you projects not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also the UK, France, Spain etc.

You know companies and want to help us spreading the message of making Europe a better place to work? Send your mail with your recommended companies to support@xisa.eu.

But it doesn’t end there. The action part shoudn’t only be on your side. We want you to be found by great companies looking for great experts – just as you are one of them.That means in fact that this translation was just the beginning of a major transition we are going through right now.

Let us know your thoughts about that and as always stay tuned for more great news on the upcoming XISA!





* Eingabe erforderlich